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Lawn Mowing Questions

We get tons of questions from residents all over the city of Calgary. We have included some of the most commonly asked ones below to help you make your decision.


After every single visit, regardless of your service level we will send you a photo of everything we did.

Unfortunately, due to weather we can’t guarantee that we will come on the same day every visit. We will do our best to stick to a schedule, but times and dates are subject to slight change
Wherever you want! We can mulch clippings, put them in the green bin, or anything else. Let us know when you sign up what your preference is and we will do our best to accomodate it.
Absolutely. Sometimes overgrown lawns can require multiple passes with the mower, so it may take more time on the first visit. Because of this there may be an extra charge.
Cancel when you want! There is no contract you’re held to. We appreciate some heads up, but you’re free to start and stop as you please.
Yes they do! The city requires that lawns are clipped to height of less than six inches.


Healthy Grass Questions

Usually grass begins growing in early April. This is when we do our spring yard clean ups. We usually begin our weekly and bi-weekly lawn care shortly after, at the end of April, or beginning of May.
We recommend, and implement a 3″ height for lawns. This allows your lawn to stay healthy and grow, while still looking amazing!
We recommend weekly cutting. Mowing your lawn every week will ensure that it stays healthy, while looking great. In dry years, or near the end of summer bi-weekly mowing may be suffficient, depending on it’s growth.
Power raking, aeration, fertilization, mulching, regular lawn mowing and watering all contribute to having a happy lawn. If you have dogs, training them to use a dedicated area to prevent burn spots from occurring is a handy trick. When you’re watering, water slowly at a rate that your lawn can absorb to avoid runoff.
Every year the City of Calgary offers free compost to residents. Spreading this across your lawn and flower beds is a great way to fertilize and encourage growth.

Training your dogs to only use one area for their business and then diluting the spots with fresh water is a great way to prevent burn marks and keep your lawn healthy and looking great.



Snow Removal Questions

Simple! We send a picture after we arrive showing you your beautiful clean walkway
We come out as often as needed throughout the winter. No maxes, no extra charges. Just clean walks, all winter long.
We do not! No matter how much snow there is we will be there to clear it
We clear your walks at least once every 24 hours
No problem! Just let us know when you make your booking whether you want ice melt or not.
Absolutely! If you change your mind on the areas you want cleared just give us a call and we will make any adjustments needed!
They do! There are a couple of important ones. Your snow must be shovelled within 24 hours, 1.5 metres from the edge of your property.

Other Questions

Absolutely! Contact our commercial team for questions regarding multiple properties.
Get in contact with our commercial team for everything you may need to know about how we can help your commercial business in Calgary